Capacity Building Process: Implementing Climate Action in Latin America

Climate change is everybody's business. Nevertheless, we often don’t know how to integrate mitigation and adaptation to climate change into our activities and areas of action.

The Climate Action Capacity Building Process, organized by Fundación Avina and the Climate Finance Group for Latin America and the Caribbean (GFLAC), in partnership with several Latin American organizations, seeks to strengthen the capacities and means of implementation of climate action in the region.

In specific, the Climate Action Capacity Building Process will:
► Provide information on climate change, mitigation and adaptation actions.
► Create the conditions for public and private institutions in Latin America to establish and implement climate action targets.
► Promote the exchange between climate actions under development in the region.
► Connect local climate action with global goals, including those established in the SDGs and Paris Agreement.

This process targets public and private institutions, companies, sub-national governments, grassroots organizations, networks and local groups based in Latin American territories and interested in strengthening their actions against climate change.

The capacity building process offers:
► Technical and interactive sessions with climate leaders.
► Supervised practical exercises to apply knowledge and design climate action goals.
► Access to support material.
► Exchange sessions among participants.
► Competitive seed fund for innovative actions.
► Opportunity to participate in COP23 Bonn for participants who develop climate action goals.
► Chance to get a page on the ActionLAC website.

There are vacancies for 30 Latin American institutions and up to 5 participants per institution.

Join the process and sign up until September 4!

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